Bank is a vital & unavoidable component of an economy. No country can go ahead and hold its sovereignty without sound & acceptable banking system. Independent & efficient banking system can boost overall growth of manufacturing sector, service sector & trading sector of a country with generation of employment and curbing social inequality. Banking facility should be kept available for all equally irrespective of cast, gender, religion, and politics or any other issues.

Now a days, banking has become very crucial due to necessity of international connectivity and international businesses while the world is a global village. Banks are needed to be operated under sound knowledge, policies and practices with transparency and accountability.

Private Commercial Banks should follow the rules and regulations of central banks to the point and disclose real asset quality as per set rules without doing window dressing of assets. Besides, ownership structure of Banks should be very balanced as any individual person, family or organization can not misappropriate people’s money which is saved on confidence by the depositors.

Without proper knowledge & information bankers will not be able to guide banks to the right direction, states will take wrong decisions, peoples’ money will face wasted or siphoned/embezzled, development will be unequal,  moneymen only will be facilitated, social inequality will be common phenomena and consequently the country will be turned into a Fragile State.

To meet the crying need of acquiring knowledge in banking with latest theoretical & practical aspects, to gain information related to Banks & NBFIs, to strengthen our banking system & economy and to keep ourselves upgraded under purview of a single umbrella, we hope this website will play a very pivotal role in the days to come.